Bill Findlay, David Findlay, their father, and Wally Findlay.

with Roger Muhl, Mougins, France.

  Michael's father, David B. Findlay, Jr. in  Town and Country  Magazine. Painting by  Bernard Cathelin .

Michael's father, David B. Findlay, Jr. in Town and Country Magazine. Painting by Bernard Cathelin.

Five generations of Findlays.

Continuously fascinated by the people he meets in the art world and fueled by a love of fine art instilled in him at an early age, 5th generation gallery owner Michael Findlay—of the Findlay galleries tracing back to Kansas City, Missouri, in 1870—continues family tradition with MICHAEL FINDLAY GALLERY.

Adding to Addison County's evolving cultural scene, which has seen exquisite and high-reaching growth in recent years, Findlay Gallery exhibits world class French and American contemporary paintings, while also offering a thoughtful and carefully curated collection of 19th and 20th century furniture; vintage and la Rochere glassware (la Rochere being the oldest glass factory in Europe); French linens; and accoutrements from the Provence region of France.

Reading like a bold and triumphant story from the School of Paris, Findlay Gallery's collection of paintings include those from such masters as René Genis, Pierre Lessieur, Roger Muhl, Bernard Cathelin, Jules Cavaillès, Gabriel Godard, Guy Bardone, and Alexandre Sacha Garbell, exhibiting their passion for, and success in, color explorations.

Through his 25 years of experience in galleries, Mr. Findlay has never tired of the culture the art world offers, and continues to find happiness in the beauty of being surrounded daily by paintings. His career has seen him in the Cooley Gallery, Old Lyme, Connecticut; Butterfield and Butterfield, and The Montgomery Gallery, both in San Francisco, California; then back in New York City, where he rejoined his family's gallery for twelve years before moving back to his native Vermont with his wife and their three sons.