Jackie Gorissen

Curator and Critic, Bruce Helander said, “Gorissen’s unstructured abstract expressionist works respectfully pay homage to painters such as Pollock and Frankenthaler.” Self-taught, Gorissen clearly has his own style and was influenced early on by Dubuffet, Rauschenberg and Dalí. When Gorissen exhibited at Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in New York City, the critic involved words of Kandinsky: “The more abstract is form, the more clear and direct the appeal.”

Jackie Gorissen was born in 1951 to Lina and Jean Gorissen in Saint-Amand-Montrond. He was raised in Culan near a castle and Roman bridge. Some Tour de France races passed by his front door. After primary school at age 13 he began an apprenticeship at noted Hôtel de la Poste, spent time in Paris, and in the French Army in Berlin as a guard for Rudolph Hess. 

Gorissen came to America in 1973 working in food establishments in Washington, DC and El Paso, Texas. He studied dance, mime (Stefan Niedzialkowski), theater, was a print model in Vogue, and figure model at the Corcoran School of the Arts where he also studied black and white photography.

He came to Palm beach in August of 1989, working a brief stint at the Breakers, and had a solo show at a local gallery. He began to work with E. Libby (Rice) Thompson’s companies; ultimately opening Gallery 624 with her in 1997. 

Gorissen became a US citizen in 1991, and has an extensive portfolio of achievements, exhibitions, and awards including being named “Best of Show — All Florida” by international art critic Donald Kuspit at the St. Petersburg Morean Art Center. His work also appears in the permanent collection of Le Centre Athanor in Montluçon, France.