Joachim Berthold

Joachim Berthold (* 17th October 1917 in Eisenach; † 25. September 1990 in Oberaudorf) was a German sculptor.

From 1936 he was a student at Wolfgang Wallner at the Cologne plant schools and later a master student of Joseph Wackerle at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich. After a short period as a sculptor in the early 1940s and participation in the Second World War, Berthold worked after the war until his death in Oberaudorf.

From 1960 Berthold became acquainted with solo exhibitions, first in Germany to a wider audience, from 1966 followed international exhibitions, including in New York, Milan and Vancouver. After Berthold's death were retrospectives in the Samuel Baumgarte Galerie Bielefeld (2007) and the Museum Regensburg Regensburg shown (2008).