Vincent Haddelsey

Vincent Haddelsey was born in Grimsby, England. He came from a family of lawyers: his father, grandfather and great-grandfather all worked in the legal profession. His two grandmothers were gifted painters.

Haddelsey went to school in Ampleforth in Yorkshire, England, but in his art he is primarily self-taught.

In 1965 Haddelsey travelled to Mexico, where he intended to paint members of the Charros tribe. He took part in a rodeo and was as a result invited to become the member of a Mexican association of elite horsemen.

In 1969 he won the Great Prize of Lugano for his artwork.

In 1980, Haddelsey went on a journey to Inner Mongolia, where he studied and painted the Mongolian Pony. 

Haddelsey died on 29 August 2010 in Paris.